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    I just bought a 21.5" imac from a woman that was rather flakey. She had no idea what her admin password is, rarely used it and put an ad on CL and I got a pretty good deal on it, $400! There are 3 accounts on the main startup page of which one is called test thats not password protected and seems to have admin privileges. So my question is How do I access the other 2 accounts and delete them and reconfigure the imac to my specs, register it, etc. Hope that all made sense?

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    You can delete accounts in  menu > System Preferences > Accounts (Users and Groups in later versions of OSX)

    You can also rename the test account inside that prefs pane (and give it a password you know).

    Do you know what version of OSX it runs, you can set the whole machine back to out of the box condition but the process differs depending on what version of OS X you have

    To find out use the apple menu  > About this Mac
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