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Thread: Formac screen issue

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    Formac screen issue
    Hi, I have just found this forum.
    Is there anyone out there who can help me with a screen problem? I have just bought a used Formac Gallery 1900 Family Mac 19" Flat LCD Display Screen - I got it coupled-up to my minimac and switched on. To start with it just showed a series of rainbow vertical lines - then with the computer turned on it burst into a brilliant, bright clear picture - so far so good. after a minute or so it switched off - screen saver I thought, after a second it came back on - same brilliant screen, then after about three seconds went off again - and so on. I have another screen the same model with my other minimac - I have swapped screen for screen, power pack for power pack and the problem follows the screen around. I wondered if it could be something related to the power microswitch. Any ideas
    It is a brilliant picture but it's a bit like being in an old disco with strobe lighting - not sure my brain is up to it these days.

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    Firstly...welcome to Mac-Forums! have a "Mac mini"...not a "minimac".

    As far as the monitors. You are very fortunate...since you have two of these monitors & have two Mac mini's to test with. If the "bad" monitor is always "bad" regardless of what computer it is attached to...then:

    1. It could be the settings of the monitor. Many monitors have separate internal settings whose menus need to be accessed via the monitors buttons. If you know how to do this...great. If not...and you no longer have the instruction manual for the monitor. You can probably find it online from the manufacturers website.

    2. It could simply be a "bad" monitor. Depending on the value ($$$) and accessibility/disassembly of this monitor...most folks don't repair monitors...they just get a new monitor...since the cost of repairing a monitor many times will exceed the cost of just getting another used or new monitor.


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