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    OS X Classic printing problem
    I replaced the printer for my eMac and now Classic (OS 9.2.2) has a printing problem. When I open the Chooser and select the printer (Epson SC740) a message appears that "the printer port is unavailable because another application is using the port". I deactivated Apple Talk to make sure that this is not the problem but the same message appears.

    OS 10 has no problem using this printer ...only Classic.

    The port should come up as USB Port 1 as it does on my iMac. How do I find the application referred to so that I can close it or what other alternative do I have?

    Any advice will be appreciated ...... thank you..

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    If I remember correctly, you choose between different drivers (appletalk or USB), in the Chooser. Did you select correctly?

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    Apr 28, 2013
    Thank you for your question. The selection in the Chooser is straightforward ...either AppleShare (using AppleTalk) or a Printer (USB). With AppleTalk made inactive, the only selection left is the Printer. So I have to find why the port is unavailable due to it being used by another application. I have a feeling the problem can easily be solved but I can't pin it down. In my 25 years of using Macintosh OS starting way back with OS 7.5, I have never had the printer port be unavailable except in this one time with Classic on my eMac.
    Thanks again.

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    Edit - If you are using this in Classic - then it's important to consider - Appletalk is only available via ethernet, not via localtalk connectors. You may be able to choose LaserWriter 8 and print via OS X's available printers (incl. setup via USB). I think this is dependent on which OS X version you have.

    Edit #2 - Sorry if I haven't been helpful. I'll admit I was confused because the port error message sounds like an appletalk error... so I thought you had selected an appletalk driver. What version of OS X is this on?

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