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Thread: Recently upgraded to Snow Leopard and itunes 11.0.2

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    Recently upgraded to Snow Leopard and itunes 11.0.2
    When I try to open a song I get "A "name of song" could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?
    Also get an exclamation point next to song

    Asks to click Locate, but it's all greyed out.

    Any ideas how I can retrieve my music?

    Seems that songs I recently purchased or copied from a cd work but nothing else.


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    I suspect iTunes has lost track of where your library. This can be easy to do particularly if your library is on a network drive or external hard drive that is not connected when iTunes launches.

    Try the following and see what happens:
    1. If your music is on an external drive or network drive make sure that is mounted (on the desktop).
    2. Launch iTunes and go to Preferences
    3.In the Advanced section make sure iTunes is pointing to your music folder.

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    May be worth "authenticate this computer".

    Im on my ipad now and cant remember the direct root, but if you just type " authenicate" in "help" it should show you were to go

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