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    Multiple iMacs on a Network Trouble
    I have an external drive connected to my iMac with all of our photos. This iMac acts as a server to my wife's iMac. I set up sharing privileges and she is able to connect and view the drive for the most part. Her iMac is not located where we can hardware the Internet connection so it is on wifi. I have all wireless and wired devices assigned specific IPs.

    If her iMac loses the wireless connection and she reconnects it causes weird problems. Sometimes she can't reconnect to the "server" without a restart. Then, she can't move or change anything because "she doesn't have permission" even though she does. (She is connected as the correct user as well) So I have to go into the drive info and apply permissions AGAIN. I have to do this constantly even when nothing has been changed on the drive.

    What can I do to stop having to apply the permissions, and also how could I get around having to do this every time I change something on the drive? It's really annoying that if she changes anything or I do, either way I have to reapply the permissions.

    Thanks for the help.
    - Will

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    Any chance you have interference - apartment building or neighbors with wifi?

    can you please run this command in Terminal -
    ls -alOe /Volumes

    then show us the result.

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