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    safari all my email accounts
    I want all my email coming in through Safari. I've tried it on Google, but it is forever bumping me off when signed into multiple accounts. Can someone help me with set up so that I can get all my email comes through safari? I am on a MacBook Pro and using OS X 10.8.3. Thanks!

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    Sorry can you explain a little more..... "bumping me off"?

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    If you have multiple email accounts, using a web browser to manage them is, to put it mildly, inefficient and prone to problems.

    I'd suggest you reconsider your workflow and in particular adopt a genuine email client.

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    I have three web-based e-mail accounts and use Safari for all of them. Never had a problem with that. And yes, I regularly sign it to two at the same time.

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    You appear to be having a problem with this approach. The normal solution to such a problem is to try a different approach and see if that solves the issue, which may shed some light on what the original problem was.

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