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    Migrating and opening locked files/folders
    I am migrating folders from old MBPros (OS 10.6) to new MBAirs (OS 10.8) for a lot of employees. Specifically, I am migrating only their Documents, Desktop, Movie, Music and Pictures folders (not the Library) via firewire using the old computers in target mode. Some of them have personal info in their Docs folder and are worried about security, so they have those files locked.

    My question: if someone has a locked file in their MBP document folder:
    1) Will it transfer to the MBAir, or will it hang up the process
    2) If it does transfer, will it be locked on the Air
    3) If it is locked on the Air, can the user unlock it with the password? (I'm worried that the new computer does not have the old Keychain, so it can't recognise the password)

    Secondarily: the user proposed moving the locked file to an external HD, deleting it off their MBP, then moving it to their MBA
    4) If they do that, can they unlock it on their MBAir?


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    As a precaution, I would have the users unlock their personal files before migrating them. If they're worried about personal data and security, have them transfer the files to a personal flash drive after unlocking them. Once all the remaining data has been migrated to the new MacBook Air machines, they can restore the files by themselves from the flash drives.

    I'm of the same opinion as you... in that during the migration the keychains may be lost and the files will then not be able to be unlocked. Better safe than sorry.

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