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Thread: Unresponsive cursor

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    Unresponsive cursor
    MacBook OS X 10.6.8 - When opening and the toolbar (across bottom for me) is loaded, my cursor can be moved as usual, but clicking on an icon results in nothing; have tried to wait a bit then click, but doesn't seem to be a time issue; once a program is open, the cursor clicks are typically instant to even light touch on the spacebar; seems like the only way I can get the program icon(s) to respond is to rather aggressively hit the spacebar about a half dozen times, and then icon will (usually) wake up and get on with it; once that first program is open, the cursor works fine for other programs.

    What's the schtick here?

    Thanks for any help. Much appreciated.

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    Have you tried verifying your hard drive lately? Boot your Mac with the Snow Leopard DVD and run Disk Utility from the disk to check the hard drive. Let us know the results.

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    Between that and banishing the Dock and then welcoming it back seems like the magic has happened.

    Many thanks!

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

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