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    I have to repair permissions ever time I use library internet
    Hi, I have to repair permissions every time I want to log into the library internet. The permission I have to repair is alf.plist should be 80 group is 0. After repairing this the internet works. However it takes 12 minutes to run verify and repair permissions. Is there a way to fix this permanently? I did move some files around because the library did have some instructions that didnt work. I dont know if that made a difference.

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    Just ignore it. Snow Leopard and earlier were very slow doing permission repairs. There are two Library folders ~ which ones did you go into and move?
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    They gave me an instruction list that was supposed to clear my permission list so it would reinstall. It wasnt working before I messed with it. I probably moved and put back the files when it didnt work. I vaguely remember zipping them too. At any rate it worked today. Lets see how long it works. It doesnt mess up anywhere else other than the public library.

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