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Thread: Bluetooth & Nokia 6680

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    Bluetooth & Nokia 6680
    I am not sure if this is where this query should go so if it is the wrong place perhaps it can be moved.
    I have a mid 2011 iMac and a old Nokia 6680 phone.They are connected and paired via bluetooth and I have sent files from Mac to phone no problem.However I am trying to send something, my contacts numbers, to the Mac for safekeeping and it is not working.I have tried to send other different images but still no joy.Is there some download I need to put on the Mac? Thank you

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    You can export from a Symbian phone to a CSV file

    Contacts Manager+ (Symbian) - Download

    Then import that file into AddressBook or contacts, but make sure the column names are properly names

    firstname, lastname, homeEmailAddress, workEmailAddress, homePhone, workPhone, street, city, state,
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    Thanks louiseshen

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