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    While editing in iphoto, battery died, I plugged in computer, now iphoto not working
    I was midstream editing photo's and my battery died. I plugged it in to get it charging but when I went in to finish editing, my iphoto won't open. It keep giving me error message Your photo library is either in use by another application or has become unreadable" I tried restarting, and trying to open by holding down option and command but keep getting the same message.

    I tried to back up on time machine and although the back up went fine, I can see that it couldn't back up my i photo. Any thoughts?

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    My suggestion would be to move the damaged iPhoto Library to an entirely new location (don't toss it yet). Then go into your TM backups and copy yesterday's iPhoto library over, then start up iPhoto with the option key held down and choose the restored library. See if that works.

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