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    Exclamation why does my mac disconnect from network when i close it.
    my mac is disconnecting from my network when i close it so when i open it i have to click it and reconnect. very annoying anyone know why and how to fix

    pretty new macbook pro 10.7.5

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    Thanks for including some (very basic) info about your Mac, but without telling us how you're connecting to the net, what router you're using, what browser you're using, do you have any unusual setup (like Google DNS instead of local), do you have any so-called "security" software (ha!) and so forth it will be awfully hard to do anything more than wildly guess.

    Normally, Macs reconnect to a Wi-Fi network upon waking, though some versions of OS X have had issues with this.

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    Are you waiting maybe 10 seconds to see if it will connect by itself? Tell us more about your Mac like Specs, and version of OSX and this is with WiFi I take it?

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