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    Jul 05, 2008
    I have a dilemma I hope someone can solve.

    I currently use safari 5.1.8 as my browser.I am using Mac OS X 10.6.8
    A couple of companies I use are having issues with other words...when I access their sites I am unable to pay whatever bills I owe them. They suggested using Firefox because their system supports Firefox and I would be able to gain access to them.

    My question is...I love Safari. Is there a way to download firefox and put it on my dock so that when I need to pay these companies I can just click on the bills...hen go back to safari?

    Please be specific as to how to download firefox and how to install it as I am a real novice at this.

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


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    Very easy, visit Mozilla Firefox Web Browser and download the DMG file. Double click on it when downloaded and within the window that will appear drag the Firefox icon to the Application folder icon..

    You've now installed Firefox, so click on Finder and then choose Applications on the left. Scroll down to find the Firefox icon and double-click. This will launch Firefox and the icon will appear in the Dock, left-click on the icon in the Dock and while continuing to click, drag the icon right next to Safari in your Dock.

    Now you can quit out of Firefox with "CMD+q" and it will remain in the Dock for you to use later on..
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    Like Raz0rEdge said it's very easy even for less tech savy people like you and me. I keep Firefox, Safari and Chrome in my dock and while Firefox is my browser of choice I'll switch as the mood strikes.

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    Thank you
    Thanks RazOrEdge

    Followed your instructions and it went like a charm

    Now I have both and you have saved me a lot of aggravation and time.



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