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Thread: I got a virus!

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    Apr 27, 2010
    I got a virus!
    So I got a mailer daemon AND an email from one of my own accounts to another. I access my email only from my imac, iphones, iPads, or mactop.

    I deleted the email, but is there a way to know what's what? I'm not stupid, just ignorant.

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    No, you don't have a virus.

    If emails are being sent from one of your email accounts and you're not the one who sent them, then the problem is with your email account security. Someone guessed or hacked their way into your email - this is a Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail etc. etc. problem. Not a computer problem. So change your password(s) and make the answers to your security questions something unusual and not obvious - i.e. "What was your first car?" Answer: "A dolphin".
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    Yeah, a friend just told me the same thing. I logged into Yahoo. About 10 minutes or so ago, I was hacked from Sri Lanka.

    Am changing passwords and questions, but stopped to type this.

    Good idea on the questions.

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    Online accounts are very easy to hack, that's why the 2-step authentication that Google is using and lot of others are deploying is great to ensure you don't hacked. Also using password managers like 1Password to generate very strong passwords (for EVERYTHING) goes a long way of keeping your information/accounts safe and secure..

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    I'm going to step in and re-iterate the value of 2-step authentication. I use it here with Google, Facebook & Dropbox and would highly recommend it. Sometimes it can be a bit of a nuisance when using another computer but that small bit of nuisance is worth it.

    Also note that Apple and Microsoft are starting to roll it out so if you use services from either of those two, you'll want to look into each of their offerings.
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