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    SSD no longer shown in Finder
    I am running 10.6.8 on a Mac Pro. The SSD which was installed a year ago has dissppeared from the Finder. It can be seen by Disc Utility and also when using Adobe Bridge or Photo Mechanic, both of these programs have it saved as a favourite. Other Macs when logged onto the Mac Pro can see it also.

    Can anyone help with this please?

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    Will "assume" you mean it's not in the sidebar of Finder.

    Finder - Preferences - Sidebar tab - under Devices - make sure Hard Drive is checked.
    If it is checked - uncheck it - log out - log back in - head back and re-check it.

    See if that does it for you.

    (You can also try unchecking everything under Devices - log out - re-check)
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    I had done this and it was checked, I have just run Disk Warrior as someone advised and it did the trick, thanks for trying to help me out though, have a good day.

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