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    Apple TV - where there is no wifi
    I have to travel weekly, and I love to use my Apple TV to project my Presentations from my iPad.

    There are quite often situations where there is either no wifi network or there is a network, but no one has the code to sign on. Therefore...

    I need a solution on how to use Apple TV in a room where there is no wifi. I tried creating an ad hoc network with my macbook pro, but the Apple TV will not recognize it. So...

    Does any one know if:
    1. there is any 3rd party software that will create a network that apple tv will work on. or,
    2. is there any hardware that will work like a router that will create a wifi network that Apple TV will operate on.
    3. Or some other solution

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    Closer than you think.
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    Use an old Airport Express. This model plugs right into the wall. Apple Airport Express MB321LL/A: Electronics

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    'Apple TV - where there is not wifi'
    Thank you very much for your help!

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    Apple airport working great -- thanks!

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