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    Change Device Names / Recognition
    I purchased four of the same type of microphone to do some podcasting because I was happy with the quality of the microphone when I only had one of them. I'm trying to avoid buying a mixer and instead plugging them directly into the Mac. After talking with support of the microphones their statement was "You have four of the same mic but your computer thinks its only seeing the same one, so it doesn't see all four." They said it had something to do with driver issues.

    My question is this... can I trick the iMac into thinking it is seeing four different types of microphones? Apparently this would work, but it won't see four of the exact same model. This is quite frustrating and I would just perhaps like to modify the devices so that when I plug in each one it sees "Yeti Microphone 1", "Yeti Microphone 2", and so on.

    Any suggestions on this? Is such a thing possible with a plug-and-play microphone? Can I modify the drivers as I plug them in so that it thinks it is seeing two different devices?

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    The microphone support folks are correct. Your iMac (you didn't mention which one you have nor the version of OS X) is only going to "see" the same mic not four separate ones. The driver for the mic is built in and can not be modified by the user. You would be better off buying a mixer and using it.

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