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    MBA Storage
    I need help! My MacBook (64 GB) is filling up storage too quickly. When I use Onyx or CC
    to clean all I get is 2-3 GBs of free space and then two days later I have to clean again.

    When I check the storage info, there is almost 50 GBs of storage being used for "Other".
    My own folders and file, under Finder, only amount to a few hundred MBs of storage and the Apps are 4 GBs so I don't know what all the "Other" is?!

    Could anyone recommend a cleaner, free or pay I don't care, that can find these "Other" folders and files that are not needed so I can delete them.


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    Daisy Disk is a paid app that will tell you where everything is. It will also let you delete files within the app.

    What Size is a similar app, but is a little more expensive.

    I use Daisy Disk and it works wonderfully.

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    Are you using Time Machine for backups? If so are you sometimes disconnected from your backup drive? Time Machine has added a new "feature" for Lion and higher called local snapshots which may be the culprit.

    Some disk utilities report the space used by these files and others do not because OS X will delete the backups if space is needed.

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