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Thread: Internet Maping? Mountain Lion System Issues

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    Internet Maping? Mountain Lion System Issues

    Anyone here who know how i can fix my operating system to show correct google and other pages results?
    i belive im not getting the correct pages and results up when i go on pages like and also google search results

    on pages like example , im not getting any results that makes any sense at all, so im wondering, is there a way to edit web pages so they show up diffrently than it does on another system install?

    nice if someone could post up screenshots of their results on and google search, so i can see what im missing

    is there at all any application that can edit this? can i find the application in my system?

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    How about you first show us a screenshot of what you are searching for and how the results are showing up? What version of OS X do you have? What browser are you using?

    You can't really do anything to alter the way things show up from a Google search or the content itself, so let's first figure out what you think is wrong and then go from there..

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