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Thread: Restoring curl

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    Restoring curl
    Hello everyone,
    I did something stupid and need your help.

    Thing is, I am kind of new to OSX and I am just trying to find my way around this system. I am used to work on linux machines. And just right now one of my download scripts refused to work.
    (I often build little download scripts, because I am on a volume limit with my internet and can't cancel my contract for another one and a half year, so I download what I need at a friend's place.)
    Anyway, the reason why my script didn't work was quite simple. I didn't have "wget" on my system.

    A simple google question later, I found out that OSX is using curl, but I was unsuccesful finding a follow option similar to wget -f in the man of curl, so I decided to install wget on my system. I found a precompiled version of wget. But I still didn't know where to put it. I figured it would be in the same folder as curl is in. So I ran a "find / -name curl 2>/dev/null" and found curl in /usr/bin/curl. (Could have guessed that.. But after the home folder isn't in /home/username/ I've became careful.)

    Anyway, this is the moment when my stupidity struck.
    Half overtired, half distracted, I typed in without thinking or looking on my screen:
    "sudo mv -v /Users/myname/Downloads/wget /usr/bin/curl"

    Don't ask me why I did that.. It just happened.
    Well, I renamed it to wget and made it executable and my script is working now, but I overwrote curl's binary. And now, I am wondering how to restore it.
    Any help?

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    There are older versions of the binary here. However, if you want/need a more modern version, simply install a package manager such as Homebrew or MacPorts and use those to build it.
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