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    .m4a changes to .mp3?
    When I download an .m4a file from a google site on my MBP (OS 10.8.2), it appears in the downloads folder as an .m4a.mp3 filetype. Obviously, the computer is reading the .m4a as part of the filename, and downloading it as an .mp3. To get it to play, I have to strip off the new tag, but is there a way to get it to just download the file and not mis-recognize the filetype?

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    Can you give us a link so we can see where the problem actually lies? I have a feeling the issue is on your end (not saying it's your fault, however). Also what are you using to download the file in question?

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    Not sure if the permissions will allow you to access this site, but here:

    I am just using the download link, running OS 10.8.2 on a MacBook Pro, and playing my audio files in iTunes.

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    Does the same here - won't play until you delete one of the extensions - doesn't matter which one.

    Am thinking the individual creating the files is adding the .m4a extension as a part of the name of the file.

    e.g. when he/she renames the files they've recorded - they have 'hide file extensions' turned on and are naming the files including the extension not realizing the extension is there, just hidden.
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    Agreed. When you look at the details of the file it's actually an mp3.

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