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Thread: Clam Xav honest question

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    ClamXav2.3.4 for was recommended by a former student. I trust him more than some random "user" and he said it should come with my computer.

    That aside what do I need to do to install this program? Your response won't reach me in time. I'm drinking to The Who today.

    Keith Moon is playing like he's alive. Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

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    What do you think you need ClamXav for exactly?

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    If you believe that you are getting files from places and people you don't trust, then having ClamXav is a good security blanket to run on the files that you download. We recommend people do this rather than a run-all-the-time virus scanner that is going to suck up bandwidth checking everything..

    While there are no viruses (I shudder at the wrong English.. ) for the Mac, there have been Trojans and other malware that can wreak havoc on the system.

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