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Thread: Shared Address iCal Apps

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    Shared Address iCal Apps
    I'm on 10.3.9.

    I have two users on my computer. One for personal, and one for work. The problem is I want to sync my iCal and Address book for the two users, and not pay Apple a hundred bucks a year to do it.
    I was looking around and some people hinted that you can do this through your users/Shared file.
    Is this true, and does anyone know how to do this, or links to tutorials, or maybe even a magical script that can help me with my goal. Any programs would help as well. (even sych apple Mail if possible)

    Thanks, Jacob

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    Sharing an iCal is free if you publish it to yourself. Turn on web sharing and use the publish feature in iCal. Use Then have the other person subcribe to it at A login and password are required.

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