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Thread: frozen mouse

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    frozen mouse
    G4Mac/OS9 mouse frozen top left...Help

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    This sort of thing was a very common occurrence on OS versions before OS X (OS 9, OS 8, OS 7, etc.). The root cause is almost always conflicting system extensions or control panels.

    You pretty much have to troubleshoot which extensions and/or control panel programs are causing the conflict. You can ether:

    - turn them off 1 at a time...then reboot the computer each time until things become stable
    - or...turn off ALL non-OS related extensions and control panels...then turn them back on 1 at a time (rebooting in between) until the mouse freezing starts again. Then you know you've found the "offending" system extension or control panel.

    There was also a program called "Conflict Catcher" which helped with this tedious process (not sure if you have that program...or if it can still be found somewhere).

    In case you don't do all of this "turning on" or "turning off" via "Extension Manager".


    - Nick

    p.s. God...I can't believe I remember how to do this after all these years!
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    I don't know what we would do without you "old time" Mac users! It's great having you and someone like Harry around who can answer those questions. I'm lost when it comes to systems before OS X.

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