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    Mac OS X polling rate
    Hi there,

    I'm using my Mac to run an experiment, so I need to find out what my keyboard's polling rate is. Since my computer is a laptop, I was told the keyboard would have a relatively high polling rate, as most USB keyboards do. This would allow me to record key presses with millisecond accuracy. However, when I run an experiment on my Mac, the reaction times I get recorded are super high, so I'm worried the keyboard's polling rate is not good. So:

    1) do you guys know how I can find out the keyboard's polling rate?
    2) do you know if I can modify that pollling rate myself?

    thanks for your help!


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    Welcome to Mac-Forums

    You can change the repeat rate of characters, but cannot change the polling rate and probably can't figure out what it is either for the one in the Macbook Pro..

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    Additionally, you wouldn't really poll the keyboard anyway, this would be an interrupt driving system where each keypress would notify the CPU that it needs to go figure out what was pressed through whatever interface it has to the keyboard, USB or otherwise..
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