I have an iMac and received the device with Outlook 2011 loaded onto the machine. I use Outlook for my e-mails and have it synced to my iCloud account. When iCloud recently changed its security policy, I was required to change my password.

After changing my password, I began to experience problems sending and receiving e-mails in Outlook. I spoke to both Apple and Microsoft representatives and neither had a fix for the trouble. Microsoft stated that when Apple changed its security policy, the problem was created and neither has come up with a fix.

The error message relates to an authentication error and forces me to put in the old iCloud password to send an e-mail and the new password to receive e-mails. I have deleted and added both my comcast and iCloud accounts several times and adjusted the settings as instructed by both representatives with no resolution.

I do not want to change over to iCloud for my e-mails, so that would not be the fix that I am looking for. Has anyone encountered this problem and found a resolutions?