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    I hear an open Mic
    Has anyone experienced hearing an open mic on your laptop?Periodically, I hear what sounds like an open mic, meaning I hear live sounds coming faintly from my speakers. These sounds, unlike some I've read about online, are live and current. It appears as though it comes from a webcam somewhere, since it sounds like it is an outside street scene. I hear traffic, honking, car alarms, birds singing and, incredibly, the noon bells tolling at noon (that's noon my time, too).

    It's not a recording, a radio station, someone at a desk or any other situation I have read about. I have turned off the access - blocked - through Flash Player.

    Any ideas?

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    Welcome to Mac-Forums

    You must be in a pretty emission rich environment to be picking stuff up..apart from what your favorite Sci-Fi show/movie might say about this phenomena..the speakers are picking up (a disturbance in the force ... ) emissions from around speakers did this before and would pick up radio stations or other things..

    The various radio frequencies are grouped together pretty tightly, so you could pick up baby monitors and all sorts of things very easily..

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