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    Time Format
    Being new to the Excel software in MAC format, I do have extensive experience with Excel in Windows: I was looking for the MAC equivalent to "options" and the particular option I was looking for was to change the time format to the 24 hour clock format. Where can I find this to change it in the MAC system?

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    Open System Preferences. (Rotating Gear Icon on your Dock menu.) Click on "Date & Time". Click on "Clock". Put a check in the box that says: "Use a 24 hour clock". I'm using Mountain Lion but earlier versions of OS X should be similar.

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    Re Time Format
    Thank you for your response, but I had already set the computer to the 24 hours time format, but it didn't carry over into Excel, I also belong to an Excel forum they might have the answer there also. Anyway many thanks again for your prompt response.

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