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    Angry Help Viewer problems, anyone?
    I'm running 10.4.4 now, but ever since 10.4.1 I've had an inconsistent Help Viewer at best. I've especially had problems accessing Mac Help and Mail Help. Often, only the title page of these menus will appear because clicking on "Look up topics easily" or another link will often do nothing or take forever to send me to that link.

    Anyone else have these same problem(s), and how did you PERMANENTLY fix it/them? (Believe me, I'm at my wits end! I've tried SO many things that have 'fixed' these problems only temporarily!!! Even repeated e-mails to Apple have resulted in nothing...)

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    Hmmmm ... just as I thought. I guess the only solution is the one I've found in other threads and forums suggesting that certain Mail and Mac Help cache files and folders be deleted. Unfortunately this has only ever provided me with a temporary fix at best. It sucks not being able to access a simple help menu when all I want is to learn more about these great computers! It takes much longer to find answers on forums like these.

    As I've stated to Apple Feedback, I find it extremely disappointing - astonishing, actually - that the most elite of computer companies cannot fix something as simple (compared to most other Apple software) as a help menu software bug like this. Go figure!!

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