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    I've bought and downloaded some tv programs on line, however, I've saved them in ITunes and also backed them on my external drive. Now, Im trying to change fonts and font colors of the printed contents to meet my needs. Can anyone explain to me how this can be done, if it can be done?

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    It sounds like you've downloaded some videos?
    What printed contents are you referring to? - Closed captioning?

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    Its the actual listing of the movies/tv shows that is in the TV files page

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    Where are you seeing this "TV files page" -- do you mean a Finder window? A page on the web somewhere? The iTunes listing?

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    I didn't realize my question would be so confusing. I will try to explain what I'm talking about. When I open my I-Tunes, it opens and is divided into columns, in the first column, (window) the first item is the "LIBRARY" and under it is a listing for my: Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Books, Apps. Below that is the heading "STORE" which list "I-Tune" store and "Purchased", next is "GENIUS" and finally the "PLAYLISTS". I'm not concerned with the fonts in this column, (However, it would be nice to be able to change the fonts in there also). The next column, (window) has the headings "songs, album, artists" etc.and if you click on "songs" below it is another heading which has headings "Name, Albums, Artist" or whatever options you decide. Below these headings is a listing of all songs, albums, artists that is in my library--This is the listing/window I would like to change the font and color? Can anyone help me? Thank you.

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    I doubt it. If Apple hasn't added this functionality, the fonts are likely hard coded into the application and as such, tweaking it would likely involve methods that risk your experience with the application.
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    Thanks for all the imputs. I guess I'll just have to live with it the way it is. Really not a big issue.

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