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Thread: Virutual Memory??? 2gb???

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    Question Virutual Memory??? 2gb???
    I noticed that in my activity monitor that I am using over 2gb on virtual memory. I thought that the maximum should be double your RAM. I'm currently running a 2001 iBook g3 600MHz with 384MB ram. Should I change this and if so how do i change it? I looked in the preferences but I can't find where to change it.

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    A better indicator is you pagein/pageout ratio. The size of the VM is not so important. Pageins indicate that the system is writing to the pagefile (VM). Pageouts indicate that you are actually loading the pagefile, and reading it into RAM. This is when you experience slowdown. So post your pagein/pageout stats from the activity monitor! My system has counted 47434/197.

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