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    How to Upgrade OSX 10.5.8 to OSX 6 or more?

    I'm using a MacBook5,1 with OS X 10.5.8. Its a 2008 model but in perfect condition. I only want to upgrade the OS as the new Itunes and Ipods are not compatible with the OS X 10.5.8.

    please help.

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    Your MacBook can be upgraded to the most current Mac OS (10.8.3).

    What you need to do is:

    - Purchase an OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) install disk (at the Apple Online Store only).
    - When you get the disk...install OS 10.6.
    - Once installed...make sure you have at least OS 10.6.6 (you may need to use software update via the Apple menu)
    - Now you have access to the Mac App Store...then you can download & install the latest Mac OS...10.8.3


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