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    photos not syncing to ipad
    I have 10.7.5 running on my iMac. with iTunes 11.0.2 I have iPad 2 running 6.1.3

    I am a photographer, and until recently I used to create an iphoto album and sync it from itunes to my iPad and show them to my client. Now I see no way to do this in the new itunes. It doesnt even recgnize my ipad when I plug it to my imac. How can I do this now? Any ideas?

    Thank you.

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    It's still there, just hidden by default.
    Click on View and select "Show Sidebar". Then you'll see any attached devices like iPad or iPhone, etc.
    64GB iPhone 6, 64GB iPad Air 2.

    Reminder: Please include your Mac's specs. This will make it much easier for the other members to assist you.

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    Its there, just doesnt recognize my ipad when I physically attach it to to the iMac. In itunes, sometimes it shows up in the upper right cover right next to the button for the itunes store. It doesnt show up all the time and the ipad can be sitting right next to it. When it does show up and i click sync, it says "looking for iPad" then just stops.

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    and just now itunes searched and searched and said this:"The settings were not saved for the iPad “Stephen’s iPad” because it could not be found." Then the ipad button in the upper right corner disappeared....

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    bumpity bump bump

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