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    how do I download data into a USB stick

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    A little more information would help. But assuming you're using OSX and by download you mean copy....

    Connect the USB stick to your Mac. Open two Finder windows. In the first select you usb stick in the left sidebar, in the second navigate to the files you want to copy. Drag and drop the files into the Finder window showing the USB stick.

    Once the copy has finished click the eject button next to the USB stick name in the Finder sidebar and then disconnect the stick from your Mac.

    There are other ways too. This is just one. If you're doing this already post back with more details of your Mac, OSX version and any error messages you're encountering.

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    OK thanks for your help
    the following applies iMac OSX10.8.2
    I try to copy purchased music from the iMac to a USB stick to play in my Car radio which by the way is an Indian owned british made Discovery4 drivrn by a 60 year old swiss in Australia !

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    Purchased music from iTunes is in AAC format, which sounds better IMO but is probably not compatible with your (likely) MP3-playing car stereo. So you would want to use iTunes to make an MP3 version of the songs first (instructions here) and then put the MP3 files on your USB stick.

    Another option (if available) is to plug your iPod/iPhone into your car stereo using an AUX input if you have one. I should think a car stereo with a USB port would also have an AUX port.

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