Hi guys, i am a web developer and use my macbook pro for work, recently i upgraded my OSX to 10.7.5 and all hell broke loose. i use ubuntu server to on virtual box to host my webserver and now it seems like my hosts file is not being read because i cant ssh into my server anymore.
i googled around and discovered this was actually intentional by apple( i wonder why?) and have tried several solutions. one of them actually worked last week, where i had to go systempreference/network/advanced and added to the top of the list, copied /etc/resolv.conf to /etc/resolve.dnsmasq.conf and loaded dnsmasq.
this worked for the last couple of days. today i restarted my macbookpro and im back to the same problem only this time a lot worse cause the past solution does not seem to wrk anymore and all solutions i have found on google dont seem to help anymore
Please help, i need to do soem work.