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    I have recently bought a macbook pro and have used migration assistant to transfer most of my info from a laptop of a different make to the macbook. It said it had complete. I cannot find the information that should have been transferred over onto the mac...does anyone know where I could find it?

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    Migration Assistant re-creates the Username that existed on the previous Mac. Have you tried logging in as that old username?

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    See the Apple kb article for where each type of data is imported.

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    It sounds like you set up an account on your Mac *BEFORE* using Migration Assistant instead of letting it do that transfer when you first turned on your new Mac. Pity.

    What's probably happened is that you now have a second account that has all your old stuff in there. There's no simple way to merge the two accounts, so you'll probably want to just abandon the account you started with and move to the "newly created" account with your old stuff on it.

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