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    Angry Kernal panic while on internet
    All of a sudden, my Mac has been crashing (kernal panic)while surfing the internet, I have been using Safari and Shiira. The only change I can think of is recently I installed an itunes update. I ran disk repair, cleared system cache, reset Pram, but I am still having this problem.

    I am using Panther 10.3.9 on Imac 1.6ghz.

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    Hmmm, have you repaired disk permissions? Did that run alright for you?
    I ask because the latest version of iTunes has been known to cause issues on 10.3.9:
    "Another fix for Disk Utility errors We continue coverage of an inability to properly run Disk Utility after applying the iTunes 6.0.2 update, receiving the error message:

    "Disk Utility lost connection with Disk Management Tool and cannot continue."

    part-way through the repair process.

    The problem generally affects users running Mac OS X 10.3.9.

    Three workarounds have already been noted, and now MacFixIt reader Ian Waterson offers a less invasive procedure: deleting all .pkg files with iTunes in their name from /Library/Receipts expect for for iTunesX.pkg and iTunesPhoneDriver.pkg.

    It also appears that stripping the iTunes 6.0.2 Universal Binary of Intel-specific code eliminates this issue, though this procedure is not recommended."

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