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    Itunes can't connect with Ipod Touch- Please Help!
    I've spent HOURS AND HOURS on this and can't find a solution...just want my Itunes back...please help!*

    I downgraded from Itunes 11 back to 10.7 by following the steps below. Since then, I can play my music stored in my original Itunes folder without any issie*through my computer, but can't connect my 3rd Generation Ipod touch with Itunes.

    Details: I'm running Ipod software version 5.1.1, Itunes 10.7, OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leapard).*

    I'm getting three error messgaes.*

    1. An unknown error accoured (-42408). This comes up after Itunes firsts starts.

    Then, when I connect my Ipod.

    2. "Itunes Cannot read the conntents of the Ipod Touch. Go to the summary tab....and click restore to restore this Ipod to facory settings".

    3. The software required for communicating with the Ipod is not installed correctly...please reinstall itunes to install the Ipod's Software".

    Tried reinstalling Itunes (including completly removing it from my sytem first). Didn't work.

    I have a backup of my Itunes folder, both in Time Machine and standard copy/paste to my exsternal drive.

    Should I do a restore? Don't want a blank Ipod I can't use. Given he circumstances, the problem is almost cirtainly Itunes, not my Ipod.

    Any advice much aprecated.

    Thank you in advance.


    How I downgraded

    1. Downlaod Itunes 10.7 from here*.

    2. Enter Time Machine. Go to your last backup and click on the 'Applications' folder. Find Itunes. Click on restore.*

    3. Install Itunes 10.7
    4 . Go back into Time Machine and go into, not your last backup, but the one before that (i.e. two back from today). Go into Your name / Music / Itunes. Select "Itunes Libary.itl". Click on restore.*

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    Honestly, I think you're just putting off the inevitable by regressing, and introducing errors that may recur and worsen going forward.

    However, there are some more files you need to restore to completely remove iTunes 11


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