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    Exclamation Problems with Address Book 3.0.3
    I've got two problems going on with Address Book.

    #1: The most urgent problem is that Address Book is no longer working. It opens but when I click on a name or a new group card it freezes and I get the spinning beach ball until I force quit. Before this happened I had another maddening problem...

    #2: Every time I send an email, and I mean EVERY time, the address is sent to address book. Even though I cannot get into AB, Apple Mail (1.2.5) is still adding every email address to my AB. The one reference I saw to this "bug" in a different forum, the person thought it was the user's imagination. It in fact slows down sending email and totally jams up AB with superfluous, multiple copies of addresses. When I could get into AB I was able to delete the extra addresses after I'd saved one of them to a new group card, because there was no way to tell which of the entries was the original one.

    In researching problem #1 I read that perhaps I have some font problem, or a partial copy/paste entry, but I don't know how to find/correct it if I can't even get into the cards.

    A similar problem was replied with the recommendation to trash AB preferences (which I've done) and to update permissions. I do not know how to do that. If it would help please tell me how to do this.

    Any help, advice, etc. with either problem would be most appreciated. I've got over 1000 cards in AB in about 25 groups.

    Thank you,


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    No one has any ideas or a similar problem?

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