Hi Everyone,

Im new to this site and I am stuck on a project and need help.

I work at a school where some iMacs are being used. They are all running 10.5.8 and are bound to active directory. I need to mount AD users home folders from the server onto each iMac. I have a script that mounts the users home folder where it should be but I cannot deploy it for all the users. I need to be able to somehow place the script on each machine in a way that when any active directory user logs into the iMac the script runs and the users home folder mounts. I tried running it as a login item on the local admin account and the AD admin account hoping that it will run when any user logs in. With a little research I realized that the script only runs for the users that you set the login item for. Is there a way to run the script at login for all AD users? There are a lot of users that use these Macs (around 300). I did do plenty of research about this and even tried putting a plist file in the LaunchAgents folder on the root of the drive that was supposed to run the script for any user that logs in but it does not work with AD users.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am stuck at the moment and my next step is to just put the script on the desktop and just have each user run it when they want their drive mounted but this should all happen upon login.

Thank you,