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Thread: sidebar icons and folders

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    sidebar icons and folders

    I have a question about sidebar icons and folders...I created a folder with movies in them and dragged that folder to the sidebar so that it is a nice shortcut, but the icon looks just like a folder...I was wondering if i could change the sidebar icon ONLY...also i deleted my default movie folder that already had an icon and i was wondering how i could create a new one with the icon that came with it from the start...i know of programs that can change icons but they usually affect the icons for the whole computer, i just want to know how to change the icons only for the sidebar...and also how to create another "movie" folder


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    To change the icon in the sidebar, you need to change the original folder's icon. Drag the sidebar folder off (it poofs) and drag the new one on. The sidebar doesn't update if the original one changes. You can't change the one in the sidebar "only".

    I may be wrong, but if you run iMovie, shouldn't it re-create the movie folder? If not, create a new user, and copy the icon from it to a plain folder you have access to from your regular account and make a new one.
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