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    question about backup/copy from panther to tiger via CD
    I wonder if I might ask how the best way,
    to copy or backup all my photo's, bookmarks, and mac mail to cd? My Panther iBook is going away, I'm going to get a Tiger iMac. Is there a quick way in terminal? or is there a cheap s/w program to do this? I'm sorry, but I've come from a dos/pc world, and used to backup,copy, or save as, stuff. Any direction/help would
    be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time. Robert aka

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    Get a 6pin to 6pin firewire cable.

    When starting your new iMac up it will ask you if you want to transfer settings from another computer. Follow the onscreen instructions. You'll need the existing mac the new mac and a firewire cable. It's realy pretty slick.

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