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    Post G5 not detecting M8536

    Im new to the G5 but have recently brought one thats running Mac osx 10.5.8It came without a monitor but hooked it up to an Hp one and it works fine.
    Decided to buy a M8536 23" that I was assured worked fine.
    Have connected it up to the G5 and asked display to detect, but alas nothing, the M8536 does not even light up/ turn on..
    What can I do / check to get it working..
    Many thanks for any help

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    You bought a G5 what? How about a year and model number so we can look up which adapter and cable you need to attach to the monitor? Also, what kind of input ports does the HP monitor have? For example: does it have a DVI input? VGA input? both?

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    I brought an Apple tower pc G5, MPN 945B/A Model A1047 (June 04?)
    the HP has a Vga connecter and is connected to the G5 with an adaptor in I believe the
    G5`s DVI Port, this works well.
    The 23" M8536 has the ADC connector which I have put into the G5`s ADC.
    I get nothing at all from the M8536 when connected.. is there an on switch on the right hand side at the front that needs to be swithed on, ?
    if so I can only see the markings on the plastic and no switch behind!
    Software running is OSX 10.5 Leopard.. have tried to detect all displays but only shows the HP.
    Could it be that that
    A: the ADC port does not work?
    B: the software that was installed does not support this monitor?
    C:the monitor is faulty?
    D:something else?

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