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Thread: Notification center preferences?

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    Notification center preferences?
    The notifications that show up in the upper right hand top of the screen are a nice feature of Mountain Lion, but like those big electronic billboards on the road, you have to be fast to get the info before it is gone. And if you have turned around to fill up your Dr. Pepper glass, they might as well not waste CPU cycles.

    Apparently there is no way to lengthen the time that the message stays on the screen. At least googling hasn't found it and there is nothing in the notifications control panel about length of display.

    Anybody know a way to make them last longer?

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    The alerts you see are still in notification center so - you can just click on notification center to see what you missed.

    Each app can have it's own notification setting - you can set them to all alerts - which means you have to manually dismiss them.

    You could also try this from the terminal
    Can I speed up the auto-dismissal of Notification Center banners? - Ask Different

    Before you do anything from the terminal - understand that one wrong move could destroy your system - so be very careful here if you do not know how to use the terminal. Backup early and often.

    defaults write bannerTime <SECONDS>
    An interesting read on how this was found - find hidden settings
    How to find hidden preference settings | Macworld

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