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    Question printers offline
    I have two IMacs in a wireless network. The base machine has two HP printers connected to it by USB. The setup worked fine until November when I upgraded to an IMac 12,1 as base running OS 10.8.2. The other machine (10,1) is running 10.6.8. When I try to print from it now over the wireless network I get the error message "printer offline".
    I can see the base machine on the network. I cannot connect to 10,1 from the new machine. Printer sharing is turned on and available to everyone. Wi-Fi is connected and the icon is solid on both machines.
    This seems so simple that I must be missing the obvious.

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    You're telling us that the printers are connected to the 12,1 iMac and the 10,1 iMac is not able to print.

    You're also telling us you can't connect to the 10,1 iMac and it has printer sharing turned on???

    Printer sharing would need to be turned on... on the machine the printers are connected to... e.g. the 12,1 iMac.
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    Thanks for replying. I can print from the new 12,1 iMac. I cannot connect to the 10,1 iMac and it has printer sharing turned on.

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    Success - I reset the printer system on the old Mac and bingo.

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