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    Keyboard pad not working after water spillage.
    Hi there,

    I accidentally spilt a small amount of hot water onto the right hand side of my macbook os x 10.5.8. It didn't seem too bad, but after mopping it up I noticed the p button acted as if it was being held down when I went to type again ... e.g. hellopppppppppppppppppppppppppppp etc.
    I followed the instructions on a youtube video on how to clean inside, and carefully disassembled it - there was no leakage inside that I could notice (just a surprising amount of fluff!). After reassembling it and switching it back on, I've found that the keyboard no longer works at all, although the trackpad does.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this would be most appreciated.


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    Please refer to our Sticky Post regarding spills which is located in the "Other Hardware Forum".

    As a quick note and hint.... check the seating of the keyboard ribbon cable to the logic board. Those cables are brittle and break easily.

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    Thank you chscag, I'll check it out.

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