I was wondering if there is anyway to speed up the login times on Macs that are both: Joined to a domain, and encrypted. I'm encrypting all of our Macs with FileVault2 and all new Macs are joined to our Windows Domain.

I create Mobile accounts for all Macs so the user will be able to login off campus. Everything works great until you enable Filevault. Filevault slows down the process. I know there is authentication to make sure you have access to the hard drive, similar to Guardian Edge Encryption software, but I would think that login times should be faster than 1:30-2 minute times.

This isn't just a rare case, or a particular mac, I have over 40 joined to our domain. The faster login times come from Solid State drives typically resulting in :40-1 min times.

I didn't know if anyone else experienced this issue and had insight? I can't find anything online other than people claiming Filevault doesn't slow down their mac. This is true in our case, the macs seem to run at great speeds, if you can get past the lagging login.

Macs in question are 10.7 -> 10.8.2