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    virus in entourage
    hello, yesterday when I received my emails, a message came`; we have blocked an email. then it seemed that the infection was there. when I tried to open an email, one of my submaps at the leftside opened. that continued with every mail I tried to open. When i tried to open Safari, 0000000000 shows in the adress place. and a sound came. a quick repeating sound . not possible to open internet.
    I thought a virus was not possible on a mac. Can someone give me a cule how to solde this? I am writing this from another computer. I can not use an online virusscanner, because safari thus not work anymore, thanks in advance! Riet

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    Get ClamXav from the app store and let that run.
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    First, you do not have a virus as there are none in the wild that can infect OS X. There are however, some trojans which can be easily avoided by common sense computing. The virus warning you received is likely a Window virus embedded in an email received with Entourage. Just delete the email message and move on.

    If you're still concerned, download the free Sophos Anti Virus software for the Mac which has been tested to be effective at finding and removing Windows viruses.

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