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Thread: ibook G4 ventilation problem

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    Jan 14, 2006
    ibook G4 ventilation problem
    Dear Reader,
    The operating system is an updated 10.4.2 version installed on ibook G4.
    The problem to solve is the fan ventilation.
    When the computer was new before some months and before connect to the internet the fan was working sometimes.
    Now I am after online upgrading and used longer time (25min) watching video stream. The processor worked most of the time 100%
    and (may be naturally) the temp. went up to 63C when I stopped the stream. I looked here and the web for solution but saw only problems. I think the problem is in the OS and also that we not have a program and need very much that controlling the fan. Order it to start for example 55C and stopp it 40.
    Somebody have any idea how to solve this problem? May be a programmer or to write to Apple?

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    Jan 14, 2006
    Hi again,
    I made a new installation of the original OS that came with the ibook. The fan is working
    when the CPU on 100% and the temp. is higher. Sorry, I can not give you more exact numbers when the fan starts but the fact is that before installation with the same program that was online updated. It was good if you check the ooperation of the fan and somebody make a program to let some controll or indication about the fan operation.

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    Feb 09, 2005
    where are you using the iBook and where has the iBook been? It sounds like the venting is being blocked.

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    Jan 14, 2006
    - I use in a room that the temperature is 20-21C.
    The computer is on the table and open place.
    After new installation without online update the fan working.
    The problem is the fan control I think what we can not set at all.
    (Once one of my friend had problem that the Dell computer stoped.
    Find out that the problem was over heating. Find a software that has control on the 2 fan there and after install no problem. We need such a proggram too.)

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    I apologize if I misread, but it is difficult to decipher if you are actually having a problem with how your computer/software is functioning.
    Laptops of any manufacturer will run hot... VERY hot at times. As long as you are not experiencing any problems with how your computer functions or any abnormalities with running an app, then you have little to worry about.
    If the computer were to actually heat up to the point where it would "overheat", the fan will kick in.
    In a nutshell, just because you feel that the system is running very hot, does not mean it is "over" heating. Most computers are set to shut down around 80 degrees Celsius, so you have quite a while to go before you are in any real danger zone.
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    Hi D3v1L80Y,
    No problem about any misunderstanding. Opposite; thanks for the answer.
    That is answer the question. For more reason I took out the Linux SUSE from the Apple computer. One reason was that I did not see the fan control what probably not existed there and still can be a problem. A little I miss BIOS in this MAC computer.
    But this computer is the best to buy as laptop to take with you.
    Thanks agaon.

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    Jul 10, 2008
    I had the same problem, this solved it just fine (you have to take a bullet and send her 8 bucks :-) )...

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