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Thread: Custom Icons Won't "Stick" in Dock...

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    Question Custom Icons Won't "Stick" in Dock...
    I have a number of rtf documents with custom icons in my dock for quick access, but the first time I launch them after a restart they revert back to the default generic icon.

    When I change them back, they're fine for the remainder of the session until I restart again.

    I'm tired of having to change the icons back after every restart.

    This bug does not occur with folder icons that have been changed.

    What do I need to do to make the icon change for these text files permanent?

    iMac G5 1.8 / OSX 10.4.4

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    Special thanks to Virtual1 at the MacFixIt forum who provided this solution...


    delete (home)/Library/Preferences/ and logout/login. Dock should reset to defaults, and begin working normally again.

    It's possible it may not let you delete that file. (which would cause your problem) If that's the case, select it, get info, make sure you are the owner and have read/write access, then logout/login and it should work ok.

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